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Accident Insurance

UIC “Belvneshstrakh” recommends you to protect yourself and your family from casualties at home, at work, during carrying out work duties, during trips to working places and back, during trips by any kind of transport, etc.

On favorable terms you can insure yourself and your family:

  • against of accidents;
  • against accidents and diseases during a trip abroad.

Insurance against accidents and diseases when traveling abroad ensures twenty-four-hour medical support outside of the Republic of Belarus.

Advantages of insurance against accidents at UIC “Belvneshstrakh”:

  • advantageous rates and flexible payment system;
  • offices in more than 40 countries;
  • 24-hour hot line with our representatives abroad;
  • Russian-speaking staff in most representative offices;
  • customer-oriented approach, complete and timely provision with all necessary information.

We guarantee you reliable insurance protection of your interests.

You can get more detailed and necessary information on the cooperation with “Belvneshstrakh” by tel. +375 17 209 24 16 or at our office at Skryganova Street, 6.

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