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Property Insurance

People around the world want to protect their property and they do it by various means: using alarm systems and other special devices, etc. However, there are many situations where even best security systems cannot protect our property, for instance, when it comes to earthquakes, fires or other force majeure events. Even the best security system can’t ensure protection of your car or household furnishings, if they become the aim of a professional thief. That is why millions of people take a smart decision – to use property insurance services.

On beneficial terms you can insure in our company:

  • Constructions:
  • houses and apartments;
  • garden houses, cottages and chalet buildings
  • outbuildings, garages;
  • trims and equipment buildings
  • Household Property of Citizens:
  • household furnishings of insuree and its family, living together and having a common household, and intended for use in private households in order to meet domestic and cultural needs of the family;
  • decorative elements and equipment of apartment (residential and other rooms designated for individual use) of the insuree in houses of state, public, individual housing, as well as in the dorms, if room there is allocated for individual use.

Advantages of insurance against accidents at UIC “Belvneshstrakh”:

  • attractive rates and flexible payment system;
  • customer-oriented approach, complete and timely provision with all necessary information.

We guarantee you reliable insurance protection of your interests.

You can get more detailed and necessary information on the cooperation with “Belvneshstrakh” by tel. +375 17 209 24 16 or at our office at Skryganova Street, 6.

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