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Vehicle Insurance

We offer comprehensive vehicle insurance solutions for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

On beneficial terms for vehicle insurance, you can use the following services:

  • insurance of a vehicle of a legal entity;
  • insurance against accidents and diseases during trips abroad;
  • insurance of carrier’s civil liability;
  • insurance of carrier’s civil liability, domestic shipments;
  • insurance of forwarding agent’s civil liability;
  • insurance of customs carrier’s liability;

Advantages of freight insurance in UIC “Belvneshstrakh”:

  • advantageous insurance rates and flexible payment system;
  • customer-oriented approach, complete and timely provision with all necessary information.

We guarantee you reliable insurance protection of your interests.

You can get more detailed and necessary information on the cooperation with “Belvneshstrakh” by tel. +375 17 209 24 16 or at our office at Skryganova Street, 6.

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